Our Story

We believe the scent of nature awakens all the senses, giving our inner-self a new level of energy. We go from feeling drab to a colorful experience, shaded in hues of blue, yellow, red, green or white. From the city bustle we dive into meadows, lakes, seas, rivers, mountain peaks, and forests.
From the smog we emerge into the smell of a clear sunny afternoon, the first snow, an energetic wave, the mountain wind and the bows and branches of the forest. We enter into a feeling of a comfortable hug, like soft velvet or pure white cotton.

Our home gives us the feeling of security, peace and inspiration, allowing us to move better and easier from feeling fatigued, nervous, and insecure, to feeling like our ideal self. Candles are an element of our home that clears the mind with its flame and fills the space with a scent that reminds us of beauty from the landscapes of the real or imagined world. With candles we immerse ourselves in a carefree, relaxing and happy world of beauty. Maybe it is something stored in our memory like the smell of the last wave before leaving the seaside, a walk in the woods through Gorski Kotar or the smell of spring rain in Lika. These scents allow us to immerse ourselves in a sense of peace and better energy.

So, immerse yourself with us in a world of nature, in a place that is felt by your whole being, beyond your sense of smell. With nature we feel at home.

Immerse yourself in pure nature

Each of our candles is made from soy wax, with scents inspired by nature, and has a cotton wick.

Immerse in nature
Immerse in Crotia_ Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

Immerse yourself in Croatia’s picturesque nature

We produce our candles in Croatia. All our scents are inspired by Croatia’s pure, untouched nature, and the beauty of the country’s landscape.

Immerse yourself in a good feeling

We create scents that are felt not only by the sense of smell but touch all the senses. Our scents evoke memories and inspire images like a crackling fire in a fireplace, the afternoon sun, clean mountain air, Christmas morning, the touch of moss under your fingertips or an energetic wave on the seaside.

Immerse in sustainability_Photo by Earl Wilcox

Immerse yourself in sustainability

We are aware that everything we do impacts nature and the environment. That’s why we create sustainable products, from soy wax to handmade white clay pots that can be converted into a plant holder or remain a permanent decoration in the home.

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Each of our candles is made from soy wax, with scents inspired by nature, and has a cotton wick. Each candle comes in a handmade pot made of white clay.