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Version 1, November 2021, Zagreb, Republic of Croatia

Welcome to the website and online store (hereinafter: the “website”)!

We are a company CREO LAB GROUP doo for production (hereinafter: “CLG”, “we”, “our”, “our”) with its registered office at Industrijska cesta 14, 10 360 Sesvete, Croatia, OIB: 22894862069 and we are the owners of the brand URONI, goods (products) URONI and the website.

This Cookie Policy is intended for all visitors, ie users of the website and its functionalities (hereinafter: “user”, “You”, “Your”, “Your”).

If you have any questions regarding our website, as well as questions regarding this Cookie Policy, please feel free to contact us via the following available contacts:

Industrijska cesta 14, 10360 Sesvete, Croatia


+385 98 981 6704

You can find all important information about cookies in this Cookie Policy which CLG uses in connection with the website.

CLG reserves the right at any time, for any reason, with or without special notice, to change this Cookie Policy.

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Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit (use) websites.

There are different types of cookies, but the basic division of cookies is: cookies by source (first-party cookies and third-party cookies), cookies by duration (temporary cookies and permanent cookies) and cookies by function (technical cookies, functional cookies, advertising cookies and analytical cookies).

Below are the cookies according to the function that CLG uses on the website.

Please note that technical cookies cannot be turned off, because the cookies in question are necessary for the functioning and operation of the website. Technical cookies do not store any of your personally identifiable information.

Tracking technologies other than cookies are not currently used by CLG on the website.

In the event of a change in the cookies used by CLG on the website, CLG will inform you in good time and via a notice on the website.

CLG shares the data collected through cookies with the providers of certain services required by CLG for the creation and operation of the website, as well as for the use of certain tools (functionalities) on the website. For example, these are website development and maintenance service providers, cloud service providers, development platform service providers and the like.

As a user of the website, you are free to manage cookies and change your preferences (selections) at any time via Cookie settings., but by disabling certain cookies, it is possible that some functionality of the website will not work properly.




Type by source





Third-party cookie

12 months

Storing user consent for cookies in the “Necessary” category



Third-party cookie

12 months

Tracking user consent to the use of cookies

You can manage cookies at will, or you can accept (enable), reject or delete (disable) them.

On the CLG website, you can control the cookies in question in the Cookie settings.

Some of the ways you can still manage cookies in general are, for example, by deleting your search history from your web browser, by setting your cookie and privacy settings on web pages, by setting your web browser to accept or reject cookies, and so on.